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Candid Wedding Photographer

As one of the most important days of your life, I understand how crucial it is to get your wedding photos absolutely perfect. Creating these memorable moments, ones which you will want to look back at for years to come, is my forte. As a candid wedding photographer, I want nothing more than to capture the natural emotion, love and joy that takes place during your wedding day. I see it as my personal duty to catch every little detail and showcase your big day through natural wedding photography for you to cherish forever.

I offer candid wedding photography in the UK, as well as destination wedding photography. I am based in Essex so I am also available as a wedding photographer in London. My approach is ‘no stress, no rush' to allow you to enjoy your day as much as possible without feeling any pressure - you can leave the memory-making to me! I will capture the day as it happens, making sure to capture you as the star of the show. If you’re looking for Kent wedding photography, Essex wedding photographers or a wedding photographer in Sussex, please contact for more information.  

Alessandro Pietrosanti Wedding Photograher


Best Laughs 2019

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”
[Charles Dickens]

Alessandro Pietrosanti Wedding Photographer


Best Bridebook Wedding Photo 2018

"Once again, we challenged hundreds of Bridebook’s best wedding photographers to send us their most unique, funny, tender and outrageous wedding photos from their 2018 weddings"

Candid Wedding Photographer

Whether you have opted for a traditional church wedding, or a stunning outdoors wedding, my documentary wedding photographer style will capture and elevate the location. If you like my documentary wedding photography technique, your day will be captured exactly how it happens - you won’t even notice I’m there. As a candid wedding photography professional with years of experience, the pictures will be taken as the day goes without any need of prompting me.

I also enjoy using creative wedding photography to fit your wedding style. From the intricate details of your wedding dress, to the important vows, I will capture it all in the style you prefer. For bride and grooms on the hunt for the perfect UK candid wedding photographer for them, I am happy to answer any questions and discuss details. I thrive on the idea that these images will be some of the most important ones in your life, reliving that spectacular day all over again every time you look through the pictures. Allow me to snapshot your day exactly to your taste.

For those looking for a local candid wedding photographer in London, I will capture every special moment through natural wedding photography. I can also come to you for Kent wedding photography or those needing a wedding photographer in Sussex, as well as Essex weddings. Please contact me for any more information and let's start that fairytale!


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I offer a range of candid wedding photography packages for those in London, Essex and the UK. From a full day of wedding photography to up to 700 edited pictures, take a look at what candid wedding photography packages will best suit your special day...

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